Tour d´horizon de l´année 2021 – Bugatti’s Record-Breaking Year

Bugatti’s position as the leading manufacturer of hyper sports cars continues to flourish, following the most successful year in the company’s history. During 2021, 150 customers personalized and ordered a hyper sports car from Bugatti - 60 per cent of which were completely new to the brand. The ground-breaking Chiron is sold out and all forty units of the most extreme Bugatti ever – the Bolide – were allocated just two months after its unveiling at The Quail in August.

Deliveries of Bugatti hyper sports cars continued to customers around the world, with many notable highlights. Among those delivered in 2021 were the first Chiron Super Sport 300+ – a special edition commemorating Bugatti’s record-breaking 304.773mph run – and La Voiture Noire, the one-off bespoke haute couture automotive masterpiece. All remaining units of the Divo, a reinterpretation of Bugatti’s coachbuilding heritage, were also delivered to customers.

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