2023 Subaru Crosstrek Review

2023 Subaru Crosstrek Review: Simple, capable, sells like hotcakes.
It may be a jacked-up hatchback with body cladding and roof rails, but it's good!
Pros: More capable than similarly priced SUVs; good fuel economy; standard AWD; real roof rails.
Cons: Slow base engine; roly-poly handling; some head-scratching interior controls; Hybrid’s iffy value.
If you read this 2023 Subaru Crosstrek review and go, “Hey, that sure seems like the car for me,” make sure to get cracking on contacting a dealership, because you’re going to have to act fast. Turns out the Crosstrek is the fastest-selling car in the United States, meaning it takes only 12.9 days on average to sell once it arrives on a dealer lot. It seems that the combination of an efficient engine and an adventure-ready all-wheel-drive hatchback with an almost comical amount of ground clearance makes a lot of people go, “That sure seems like the car for me.”
And yes, we just called it a hatchback, because even if “crossover” and “SUV” get thrown around a lot, the Crosstrek is really just an Impreza hatchback with some body cladding, chunky roof rails and that comical lift. It’s way cooler as a result – more capable, too – and serves as a way for the Crosstrek to be an alternative to at least two size segments of small SUV and compact hatchbacks like the Mazda3 and Honda Civic. Perhaps that’s another reason for its popularity. That it’s no longer so dang slow (OK, some versions are still dang slow) makes a big difference, too, as does a ride tuned for comfort.
Considering how allergic Americans seem to be to hatchbacks, it’s a little surprising that the Crosstrek’s enhancements provide enough automotive Benedryl to make it popular. Yet, this simple, versatile and capable little (whatever it is) is nevertheless a hit, and we definitely recommend checking it out. Just make sure to do it quickly.