The Hidden Story of Hyundai IONIQ 6 - Aerodynamic Technology

When the designers and aerodynamic engineers at Hyundai Motor Company set out to create an electric vehicle with low wind resistance and a high all-electric range (AER), they looked at some of the most streamlined shapes in automotive and aircraft history, as well as in nature. As a result of their efforts, IONIQ 6 achieves an impressively low 0.21 drag coefficient and AER of 614 km (WLTP-rated) on a single charge.

While aerodynamic efficiency is important for every vehicle’s fuel economy, it is especially critical for an EV’s AER due to the weight of the battery system. Not only does aerodynamic efficiency affect AER, but it also has a significant impact on power performance, driving stability and driving/wind noise. By excelling at aerodynamic performance, IONIQ 6 delivers what Hyundai’s designers call ‘emotional efficiency’ with simple yet sensuous curves and technological advances that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.