Ultimate Cable Processing Machine | Boost Efficiency & Precision! Discover the Future Today!

Experience unmatched efficiency with our Auto Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine. Say goodbye to manual labor with our #InnovativeTool. Ideal for electrical, automotive, and telecommunications industries.‍‍.

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3d Design and Code files on grabcad : https://grabcad.com/library/automatic-wire-cutter-and-stripper-machine-1
only cutting machine : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzW5WMWv-x8
Acrylic version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnWMskTA5V4


WhatsApp & Telegram : +917016525813
Email : hemangjoshi37a@gmail.com
Place a custom order on hjLabs.in : https://hjLabs.in

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## Checkout Our Other Repositories:
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## Some Cool Arduino and ESP8266 or NodeMCU IoT projects:
- IoT_LED_over_ESP8266_NodeMCU : Turn LED on and off using web server hosted on a nodemcu or esp8266 https://github.com/hemangjoshi37a/my_Arduino/tree/master/IoT_LED_over_ESP8266_NodeMCU
- ESP8266_NodeMCU_BasicOTA : Simple OTA Over The Air upload code from Arduino IDE using WiFi to NodeMCU or ESP8266 https://github.com/hemangjoshi37a/my_Arduino/tree/master/ESP8266_NodeMCU_BasicOTA
- IoT_CSV_SD : Read analog value of Voltage and Current and write it to SD Card in CSV format for Arduino, ESP8266, NodeMCU etc https://github.com/hemangjoshi37a/my_Arduino/tree/master/IoT_CSV_SD