The Jet-Powered VW Camper Van | RIDICULOUS RIDES

EVER wondered what happens when you mix a classic VW van with a single engine fighter jet? Look no further than Oklahoma Willy. Weighing in at 6600lbs and boasting a horsepower speed of 5,000, the vehicle was built by Perry Watkins from Buckinghamshire. After a night at the pub with friends, the idea of Oklahoma Willy was born. Perry told Ridiculous Rides: “We sit at the pub and come up with stupid ideas, I’ll then lock myself in the garage for five years and build it.” The owner of Perrywinkle Customs, Perry is no stranger to wild automotive creations. “It’s a bit like riding on top of a firework,” Perry explained. Taking around six years to build, Perry first bought a Rolls Royce Viper 535 jet engine, originally made in 1978. He stripped it down, polishing everything in aluminum, taking about two years to complete. Next, he added the after burner which took another six months work. Finally, he bought the VW pickup which had spent most of its life on a farm in Oklahoma, taking a further three years to finish. This rare and iconic vehicle is a prized possession of Perry, who doesn’t like to do something that has been done before.The top speed for the vehicle is 300mph, although the fastest Perry has gone is 157mph, an experience he describes as “exhilarating” but a “bit hairy”. The original engine sits in place making the vehicle street legal, providing you don’t fire up the jet. Perry describes the power as “one of the most incredible things you can ever experience.”