BYD SEAL U Preview Video

BYD, a specialist in electric cars and the world's leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles (NEVs), presents the new 100% electric BYD SEAL saloon, which falls within the D segment. An exciting new electric vehicle option with cutting-edge technology. BYD, which is also the world's fastest growing automaker, is committed to making high-tech, smart and engaging electric driving more accessible and affordable for European motorists. Following the successful launch in Europe of the BYD HAN, a stylish E-segment saloon with two engines and AWD, the BYD TANG, a 7-seater E-segment family SUV, the BYD ATTO 3, a dynamic C-segment SUV and the BYD DOLPHIN, an agile C-segment hatchback, BYD further accelerates its presence in the European automotive market with the launch of the highly anticipated new BYD SEAL.

The striking BYD SEAL is a D-segment sedan that stands out for its sportiness and dynamism. It is the second model in BYD's Ocean series to employ the brand's new ""Ocean Aesthetics"" design language. It combines an elegant and muscular appearance with a high level of comfort and practicality for its five occupants, with extraordinary equipment and dimensions that perfectly match the needs of European motorists. In addition, the BYD SEAL incorporates several technological firsts, translated into great advantages that allow it to clearly distinguish itself from its competitors.