He Gave Me the Keys to His LAFERRARI!

LaFerrari in Beverly Hills, this is a dream! My friend @wiresonly very kindly gave me the keys to his Ferrari LaFerrari to have some fun. Even though it has one of the greatest V12s of all time, I’m actually going to also show you the trick of the electric mode which most people don’t realise it has.

Painted in the dual tone Giallo with Nero roof, the hybrid hypercar looks stunning in the Los Angeles sunshine. The LaFerrari has a 6.3l NA V12 mated to a KERS electric system for 963hp (950bhp) and you can bet that it sounds fantastic. However, driving it around town actually took me a bit by surprise, which you will experience along with me during the drive.

A huge thanks goes to my friend @wiresonly for his generosity and allowing me to drive the LaFerrari. Be sure to follow him for all the latest from his network and incredible cars http://instagram.com/wiresonly

Thanks for watching, Tim

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