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Four Wheel Nation brings one of the greatest TVCs by Nissan. We take everyone back to the time when Nissan GT R was introduced in Hong Kong. Nissan GT R, the number of models produced by Japan so the whole world could fall in love with them for many years or maybe decades to come! Nissan GT R picked up popularity from the Fast and Furious franchise when late actor Paul Walker (R.I.P) drove it in the second movie of the franchise. Car guys unity was aroused by the appearance of the car and the way it performed against Toyota Supra during the initial race.

People here at Four Wheel Nation also loved how Nissan GT R was portrayed. Even though there were several previous models launched by Nissan, but when Nissan gtr launched, it turned necks all around the globe. The R34 model had a very unique and amazing name. It was known as Nissan GTR R34 Godzilla. Yes, the name was pretty lengthy for a car, but car guys unity was nuts for it. Nissan GTR JDM merchandise soon struck the market and there were fans all over the world.

After the latest variant of the Nisan GT R came out, liberty walk body kits started rolling out and people were crazy for stuff like Nissan GTR R35 JDM, Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Street Racing. Please note that Four Wheel Nation does not support any sort of street racing. There are proper tracks out there, so we encourage everyone to go there to learn, practice and then, compete in a professional way. This is how this passion of car guys unity should be treated.

Back to the topic, after the Nissan gtr launched, Nissan Skyline GTR R34 racing was a major hype every where and people wanted to see it compete against Mazda Rx 7 FC and even Mazda Rx 7 FD, these two rotary beasts were a great match back in the early 2000s. Toyota Supra also played a fair role in being its rival. Today, the legacy of Nissan GT R continues and you will see plenty of Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Godzilla despite of being banned in the United States of America.

Note: We do not own this footage, it was originally uploaded by the rightful owner. Major props for their amazing work.

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