Audio Approved Used – Audi TT S-Line TDi 2015 – Bought From Audi Edinburgh – NOT IMPRESSED

Sorry About the sound and will Edit video properly once I have worked out how to do it.

This video is really proof for me on the condition I received it for when it is returned on the PCP deal as I don’t want to be charged for the paint damage.

Be careful of buying a car over a long distance, especially from Audi Edinburgh.

I’ve included the video of the car presentation the sales person sent me before I put a deposit on it.

I bought the car from the approved audi website and just presumed a main dealer wouldn’t sell a car with this many marks on it, especially it being Audi Approved, and the sales person saying it is fine.

It’s a 10 hour, 500 miles round trip to Edinburgh for me and it will be cheaper for me to do it myself locally, as all I got was a apologie.