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The Pista's heart is its twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V8, and it’s as if Ferrari sculpted the bodywork and structural components around this engine. At 710 horsepower and 586 pound-feet of torque, the Pista bests its siblings – the 458 Speciale and 488 GTB – by 115 and 50 horses, respectively. Getting to 60 takes a manufacturer-estimated 2.9 seconds, to 124 it takes just 7.6 seconds, and flat out, the Pista will sprint to 211 mph. Bottom line: this car is mind-bendingly fast.

The engine block is a carryover from the 488 GTB. But half of the Pista's components are brand new and derived from a few of Ferrari's race cars, most notably the track-only 488 Challenge. In fact, the Pista's V8 shares as much in common with a Ferrari Challenge car as it does a standard 488.

Buried in the engine bay is a thinner exhaust manifold and lighter crankshaft, which yield better compression and improved sound. New alloy connecting rods reduce the engine's weight by 3.7 pounds, and thinner walls on the cylinder liners not only shed weight but reduce friction, too. The technical components of this engine are impressive – and far too lofty to list in a single paragraph. But the end result is a 40-pound weight loss and a V8 that performs unlike any other.